Campaigns and events

More than Scientists is a collection of short videos of climate scientists talking about climate change -- what it means for them, why they study climate, and their hopes and fears for the future. Watch the videos, and submit one of your own! You can see mine here.

Science in the News is a Harvard graduate student-run organization that presents free, public talks about current scientific topics given by graduate students. A video of the talk presented by myself, Andy Rhines, and Ethan Butler is online here, courtesy of WGBH.

Tools I have found helpful

Quantile regression, and some MATLAB code from Roger Koenker

Friends, collaborators, and officemates

Andy Rhines
Ethan Butler
Martin Tingley
Cristi Proistosescu
Marena Lin
Nathan Mueller
Zan Stine
Kathryn McKain
Flavio Lehner
Angie Pendergrass
Kelly McCusker