Understanding and modeling
our changing planet


I am currently a data scientist at Descartes Labs in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Previously, I was an Advanced Study Program post-doctoral fellow at the National Center for Atmospheric Research working with Clara Deser. I completed my PhD, advised by Peter Huybers, in 2015 in the Earth and Planetary Sciences department at Harvard University.

My academic research focuses on developing physical and statistical models for climate variability and change, with a particular interest in the weather-climate continuum. My most recent work is on changes in and causes of extreme temperature events, as well as links between natural variability and forced climate change.

News & Updates

5 September 2017: First day at Descartes Labs!

16 August 2017: Had a great time giving an AGU-style talk at the CESM tutorial in Boulder about the development and use of the "Observational Large Ensemble".

15 June 2017: New paper out in Journal of Climate that introduces the "Observational Large Ensemble" whose variability is constrained by the observations. The ensemble can be used to understand the contribution of "climate noise" to, e.g., variability in trends, as well as for model validation. Check it out! PDF, online