Research in the McKinnon group sits at the nexus of climate science and statistics. We are interested in questions that span the weather-climate divide, shed light on the interactions between natural variability and human-caused climate change, and link to downstream human and biological impacts.

  • October 2020: Welcome to Wenwen Kong, the newest member of the McKinnon group! Wenwen joins us as an NSF-funded postdoctoral scholar, and will be working on understanding the role of the land surface in influencing temperature variability and extremes.
  • May 2020: New paper roundup! McKinnon and Poppick develop a method to quantify changes in daily temperature-humidity relationships; Deser and the Large Ensemble Working Group present a perspective on the utility of large climate model ensembles; and Elsworth et al. apply the Observational Large Ensemble methodology to ocean chlorophyll concentrations.
  • January 2020: Professor Karen McKinnon is awarded an NSF grant through the Climate and Large Scale Dynamics division, "The factors governing daily near-surface air temperature variability over land". See grant information here.
  • November 2019: Statistics graduate student Sam Baugh passes his qualifying exams, and advances to candidacy. Congratulations Sam!
  • June 2019: Undergraduate Chris Reed wins the Glickfeld Excellence in Environmental Research Award to support his senior thesis research on the sensitivity of California crops to climate variability. Congratulations Chris!

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