Research in the McKinnon group sits at the nexus of climate science and statistics. We are interested in questions that span the weather-climate divide, shed light on the interactions between natural variability and human-caused climate change, and link to downstream human and biological impacts.

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  • February 2024: Nathan Hwangbo passed his oral qualifying exam. Congratulations Nathan!
  • February 2024: Kyle McEvoy passed his oral qualifying exam. Congratulations Kyle!
  • September 2023: Professor Karen McKinnon will be giving a virtual seminar open to the public on September 18 on Heat Extremes in a Warming World, hosted by the Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center.
  • February 2023: Professor Karen McKinnon was selected as a 2023 Kavli Fellow by the National Academy of Sciences.
  • February 2023: Group alum Sam Baugh will be joining the Penn State Statistics Department as an assistant professor in the fall. Congratulations, Sam!
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